It’s important to stay trendy when it comes to online presence and it’s important to keep refreshing your brand’s visuals.

If for example you have a line of products and you have an online store and social media sites, it’s important to use all kinds of opportunities to keep refreshing your visuals. For example different holiday or season – let all your promo material and pictures scream that the spring is coming, or that Valentine’s day is near.

And it’s the same if you are an artist trying to establish your name and your work. You have to use any opportunity there is to show new work you are doing through your visual material such as videos and pictures.

Recently we worked on a completely new visual presentation for July Jones and her EP Release. The idea behind the photo shoot was to develop 4 different stories/emotions which will be shown through photo covers. Each cover will express the emotion or the story that represents the idea or feeling which July had in mind when she was writing these songs.

So let me show you how her website looked before we created new visuals:

July’s old website look.

It had a plain and simple look which we created on one of our previous projects because we wanted to show sharpness and strict visuals. This time we wanted to keep sharp and strict look but also add some creativity and make it more visually attractive and expressive. And this is how her website looks now

July’s new website look.

How does that look to you? To me looks pretty amazing! The final results completely overcame our expectations and the best part is that when these pictures were published everyone loved them as it was something so different from the usual photo style she had.

So as I said before – you have to search for as many opportunities as possible to constantly refresh and update your visuals. People love to see new things!

In July’s case, we decided to completely change her visuals for each song that comes out. So this first photo set is for her new song called Running. Another song will come out, roughly, in a month time and visuals will be completely changed as well so that they will match the new song and that everything will connect to that release of the song.

So try to implement different seasons, special occasions, holidays or anything else that comes to your mind into your visuals and keep them up to date, creative and trendy!

Here are also some pictures of July’s social media sites BEFORE the new photo set:

July’s old Facebook look.
July’s old SoundCloud look.
July’s old Twitter look.

(Facebook, SoundCloud, Twitter)

And here are pictures of July’s social media sites AFTER we created a new photo set and refreshed all visuals:

July’s new Facebook look.
July’s new SoundCloud look.
July’s new Twitter look.

There is a big difference between the promo pictures she used before and promo pictures she is using now! And I like it a lot!

Like I mentioned before there will be 3 more visual changes for the upcoming songs and I will keep you updated and write some new articles to show and explain you the whole visual concept we created for her.

But till then check your visuals, your promo pictures are they up to date? Here are some questions which will help you with your visuals:

  • How do they look?
  • Are they up to date?
  • Are they trendy?
  • Could you improve them?
  • Could you make them more visually attractive?…

I think you could! Get some ideas together! 🙂

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