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CHI Drinks - Coconut Milk, Espresso


One of the series of promo videos we did for CHI Drinks London.

We developed the whole creative and visual concept for each of the videos. We started with gathering the information about the brand itself and then transform that information into the visual concept for each of the videos. The baseline was fresh, natural and tropical look with exposed ingredients for each product.

Based on their logo design and brand identity we also designed a unique sound which goes with the original design of the brand.

Beach Society, Presentation Video


A presentation video that we did for a shoe brand Beach Society to show potential clients all special component of this new shoe design.

Our aim was to create a concept for a short video in which we could cover the presentation of the product, different uses of it and all possible style combinations. We successfully managed to create a video which covered all mentioned areas in under 3 minutes.

Visually we were striving for summer looking and bright visual which we achieved in a plain white studio and certain colour editing.

Fashion Promo Video


A fashion-oriented promo video was developed and created by us and it was one of our own projects.

Our aim was to create an intimate video feel in which we used a male model as the main object of interest. We presented him in a way to make the female part of the audience want him. Throughout the whole video, we expose different parts of his body and its movements to create bigger desire. At the end, his face gets revealed which is also a top point of the video.

This type of video would work perfectly as a perfume commercial for example.



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