Event Recording

Business or private events, performances, testimonials.

Full day, half day or one-hour event, we capture it all!

Business Event, Highlight Video


Are you planning a business event and you want it to be recorded? We’ll be there!

Either you want a full day recording or just some certain parts of the event we will make sure to capture the best moments of the event and cover all needed angles in order to get watchable video material.

Based on your ideas we can create different types of videos from the material we get on the event day. Get in touch to discuss different options of recording!

Private Event, Highlight Video


Are you or your client hosting a private event?

Invite us to be part of the party and we will make sure to capture all the best moments of the evening and make all your memories literally unforgettable with full night event video.

If you want to have something to bring up those memories every once in a while and share the best moments of the night with your friends we will create a short highlight video for you!

Concert Video


Are you an artist or a band having a concert?

If you would like to have your gig recorded, give us a shout and we will come around! We will adapt our crew size and equipment to the style of the video you would like to have and to the size of the venue so that final results will exceed all expectations.

We will adapt video edits to the genre of the music so either you are more into jazz, soul, pop, RnB, rock, metal or classical music – we will make it look matching. We will listen to the tempo and mood of the whole concert and adapt every second of edit to your sound!

Business Event, Testimonial Video


Every event leaves an impression and we will make sure to gather great testimonials from any kind of event you are having!

Testimonial videos are key for promotion and a great tool for promotion of your next similar event. You can always re-use great testimonials and show all potential clients and attendees how great your recent event was!

We can record different kinds of testimonials for you. Depending on your ideas and promo needs we can create either one long testimonial, we can create a video with plenty of short testimonials, we can add clips from the event to make it more watchable or anything else you would wish to have in your testimonial video.



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