We are surrounded with digital technology, eye-catching visuals, high-quality video and photo material and if we are not following all these trends we will sooner or later be left behind. We have to adopt all new approaches to market fast and strive after new and improvements.

Recently I worked on a new photo/visual material for an amazing artist, Becky Arundel. She had her logo idea designed and professional photo material but that didn’t match her. What I mean by that – the pictures didn’t reflect her personality, they didn’t show who she really is, they didn’t show the quality she delivers as a singer.

To give you an idea how her previous Facebook page looked, see the picture below:

Old look.

How does that look to you? To me it looks too dark, it looks a bit sad and I wouldn’t be on this site for a long time. And as I had a chance to meet Becky I can guarantee you that this does NOT match her personality and music at all. After a chat, we decided to create new visuals, which will present her as a quality artist and define her style, make her unique.

And here is what we created:

New look!

We added some COLOURS! We expressed her style, her personality through the pictures. We re-designed a logo, added a fresh font and make the whole look more appealing.

And here is the most important thing – if you work with people on branding or if you are developing your brand’s visuals on your own – you have to know your style well! You have to know what will express the emotions, the stories, the message you want to share.

For example, before I met with Becky for the first time I listened to her music for two days in a row to get a feeling of who she is and what her style is like. So I got the idea of blue, purple and yellow colours. And that went really well with some other style ideas which I planned afterward for her music video. Okay, so then we met and we were talking. And before I explained my idea and how I see her, I wanted to ask her how she sees herself. Because to me, it’s extremely important to know the artist or business and THEIR idea of expressing it before I add my ideas to shape it even more. And guess what – Becky told me basically the same ideas for colours and style which I got through her music.

To sum up – it’s extremely important that you know each artist, each brand or business you are working with because THE MOST important thing is to show their uniqueness. Every artist or brand is successful because of their unique style, approach, product or service that they offer. Uniqueness sells!

If you are maybe working on your own visuals – you have to define them very well!

And here are some tips and questions which will help you to get started:

  • What’s your message?
  • What’s your tagline?
  • What kind of emotions does your brand express?
  • With which colours do you connect your brand? Bright, dark, blue, yellow, green, black,…?
  • What fonts match your visual idea of the brand? Sharp, bold, italic, handwriting,…?
  • What kind of music do you hear when you think of your brand? Is it cheerful, is it uptempo, downtempo, is it jazzy,…?
  • How do you want your brand to be seen? As funny, educational, technological,…?
  • How do your videos look like? Are there presenters talking about the product, are they animated, is a combination of both,…?

Once you answer these questions you will get a basic idea, you will get some bits and pieces which will help you shape the final visuals. Start writing down notes, sketch your logo, sketch your posts or picture ideas, define your writing style.

Step by step you will get a clear picture of the visuals that will present you or your brand in a unique and outstanding way.

If you are having trouble with defining your style or visual ideas it’s best to find a professional to help you go over some obstacles you may face. If you are just looking for someone to have a chat with, maybe contact us and he can help you with your brand presentation.